Telematics: The Ultimate Solution to Real-Time Fleet Management

Considered as an essential part of real time fleet management, telematics is an interdisciplinary field that encompasses telecommunications, road transportation, vehicular technologies, road safety, computer science and electrical engineering. This can involve any of the following: Technology of sending, receiving and storing information relating to remote objects via telecommunication devices The integrated application of informatics […]

Advantages of Doing Business with Local Businesses

Local economies are directly dependent on their local business establishments. These businesses are able to achieve a competitive edge by focusing on providing the personalized service that only a local company can offer. This facilitates community growth by creating both an increased tax income for the government and a customer base that is loyal and […]

15 Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking

A Global Positioning System or GPS refers to a navigation system based on the functionality of satellites. This system comprises of at least 24 satellites that rotate around the earth twice a day in a pre-defined orbit. These satellites are also responsible for transmitting signals that help the GPS to track their exact locations through […]

Cell Phone GPS Versus Vehicle-Installed GPS Tracking

If your business is related to the transportation industry and you deal with vehicle fleet management, then you have surely realized the importance of tracking your vehicles and your drivers. Most fleet managers believe vehicle-installed and cell phone GPS tracking systems are the same thing, and therefore tend to assume that cell phone GPS tracking […]

Dangers of Engine Idling & Why It’s Bad

Do the drivers in your fleet let the vehicles idle for long periods of time? It is a common tendency among US truck drivers to allow their engine to idle for hours per day or per week. They think it improves the efficiency and functionality of the engine, but this is completely wrong! The reality […]

4 Ways GPS Tracking Can Reduce Costs

Whether you have one car or a fleet of cars, GPS tracking is an integral part of managing your vehicles and the staff that drives them. For a fleet manager or even a growing entrepreneur knowledge is power and knowing where your vehicles are at all times is essential.  GPS tracking is so much more […]