4 Ways GPS Tracking Can Reduce Costs


Whether you have one car or a fleet of cars, GPS tracking is an integral part of managing your vehicles and the staff that drives them. For a fleet manager or even a growing entrepreneur knowledge is power and knowing where your vehicles are at all times is essential.  GPS tracking is so much more than just knowing the location of your vehicles. Data collected from an integrated fleet technology solution has the ability to reduce costs, promote safety and increase productivity. Fleet GPS is a smart solution for your business, period.

Efficiency Increased

The knowledge gained from a fleet management program leads to a gain in visibility and better control of a fleet of vehicles. This leads to decisions that can reduce fuel costs, enhance customer satisfaction, and promote safety which in turn will lead to an increased output. With the GPS management software you have the capability to send routes to the drivers directly and assign job site information to closer vehicles.

Productivity Increased

GPS tracking solutions increase company productivity in a variety of ways. With the GPS management program you have the ability to increase employee output and virtually eliminate idle time. Interaction between the dispatcher and driver is streamlined which greatly improves route guidance. This gives the driver less time between jobs and more time to spend on the job during the day. You are able to see at a glance the planned vs actual scheduling and use this to analyze and improve scheduling over time.

Bottom Line Increased

An integrated GPS tracking solution has proven to dramatically decrease maintenance and operational costs. Management of your fleet of vehicles analytics leads to a variety of cost savings such as decreased fuel consumption, improved customer service response time and increased number of calls made during the day.

Safety and Compliance Increased

Examine your fleets driving behavior such as speeding and harsh braking and use it to take corrective action to minimize safety risks, excess fuel waste and vehicle depreciation. Compile driver logs that will be useful in a variety of applications.

Smart fleet management is dependent upon customized data. Real time information data feeds smarter decisions, smarter management and increased efficiency. Optimized fleet technology has the power to increase your bottom line and provide invaluable information to manage your business and significantly amplify your fleet’s capabilities.

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