Telematics: The Ultimate Solution to Real-Time Fleet Management


Considered as an essential part of real time fleet management, telematics is an interdisciplinary field that encompasses telecommunications, road transportation, vehicular technologies, road safety, computer science and electrical engineering.
This can involve any of the following:

  • Technology of sending, receiving and storing information relating to remote objects via telecommunication devices
  • The integrated application of informatics and telecommunications for tracking vehicles on the move
  • Global navigation satellite system technology combined with computers and mobile communications technology in automotive navigation systems

Telematics software is designed to help companies for tracking the drivers on fleet services.  The individual vehicle locations can be viewed on electronic maps using specialized software. With this function, companies relying on transportation, can minimize the risks associated with vehicle investment effectively.

How Telematics Relates to GPS Technology

The term “telematics” has evolved to refer specifically to GPS vehicle tracking. By combining a GPS tracking system with on-board diagnostics, it helps to monitor the location of vehicles and the subsequent status of the journey. This means, a Fleet Telematics System (FTS) serves as an important tool for exchanging information between a commercial vehicle fleet and the dispatching authority.

Facets of Fleet Management

Fleet management can be categorized in several disciplines. For example, when it comes to financial fleet management, the focus is put on financial activities related to managing a vehicle fleet. On the other hand, operational fleet management aims at the optimization between the business, drivers and the commercial vehicles.

Vehicle tracking fleet management system generates useful data on how the commercial vehicles are being driven. If there is too much acceleration or speeding, companies can implement necessary measures. Also, it allows fleets to show insurers the levels of safety they maintain, with the potential for reduced premiums.

Vehicle Tracking:

Vehicle tracking systems let you register time, location and mileage of each of your vehicles in real-time.


  • real-time distance tracking
  • mileage registration
  • average and max speeds
  • remaining Driving Times

Fleet Optimization:

GPS tracking services can help in improving fleet efficiency. It would help to make smarter decisions with detailed reports and real-time dashboard information about the vehicles.


  • fleet charging data
  • energy consumption
  • electricity usage
  • idle fraction
  • battery health

Workforce Management:

With vehicle tracking systems, keeping your team and customers happy will be easier than ever. The dynamic nature of communication between your mobile workforce and office will streamline your business.


  • dynamic dispatching
  • order and job workflow
  • optimized planning
  • working time registration

Green & Safe Driving:

Real time fleet management system helps to put a curb on costs. Also, it reduces carbon emission and improves safety in driving behavior.


  • fuel monitoring
  • schedule maintenance tasks
  • improved driving behavior
  • eco-driving score

Business Integration:

Through fleet tracking systems, you can enjoy the combination of useful business applications with your existing software.


  • app center
  • office solutions
  • mobile solutions

Mileage Logbook:

With the use of electronic mileage logbook, you can reduce your tax burden.


  • smartphone and tablet app
  • auto-generated trip data
  • easy validation of trip information
  • trip type suggestions
  • compliant trip report

Professional Navigation and Traffic Avoidance:

Efficient fleet management empowers the idea of professional navigation that can avoid traffic strategically.


  • extremely accurate traffic info
  • fastest routes
  • less time on the road
  • no delay from closed roads
  • personalized large vehicle navigation
  • locate speed cameras

Benefits of Fleet Management through Telematics

In addition to location data, there are several other benefits of fleet management system. A fleet telematics solution provides a list showing the status of each vehicle in real time.
With this, you can know the following aspects:

  • when a vehicle starts and shuts down
  • idling status
  • location as well as speed

This information gives the dispatching authority an up-to-the-minute knowledge of your fleet activities through the web-based interface.

All of this information helps you:


  • idling
  • fuel costs
  • overtime
  • carbon footprint
  • theft & security risks
  • insurance and liability costs
  • unauthorized vehicle use
  • unwanted accidents


  • overall lifespan of the vehicle
  • billing accuracy
  • routing efficiency
  • driver & vehicle safety
  • customer satisfaction

Telematics is already showing promise in terms of revolutionizing GPS management. With the advancement of this technology, more businesses are considering telematics as the best bet for track fleet savings and efficiency. The 24/7 accessibility of such web-based solution makes it an excellent choice when managing fleet services efficiently.

If you need any assistance in terms of GPS fleet management installations in Tucson, Arizona, consider seeking the help from EcoTrack Fleet Management. They provide real-time decision-making tools for businesses with fleet services. You will be able to enjoy the benefits of unlimited on-site training, personalized local service and custom assistance to meet the specific needs of your company.

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