Advantages of Doing Business with Local Businesses


Local economies are directly dependent on their local business establishments. These businesses are able to achieve a competitive edge by focusing on providing the personalized service that only a local company can offer. This facilitates community growth by creating both an increased tax income for the government and a customer base that is loyal and trusting.

It is a natural tendency to do business with those companies we deem the best value for our time and money. However, the modern business scene is full of corporate marketing strategies aimed directly at acquiring more customers, and therefore higher profits. These corporate offerings may not be viable for you and your needs, but their advertising techniques can make them appear to be what you need. In reality, the services they offer are generally subpar because they only focus on lower costs instead of quality product. Fortunately, independent local businesses do actually focus on delivering quality goods and services because they care more about the consumer, since the consumer is perhaps even a neighbor or a friend of a friend – and trust matters.

Here are just a few various advantages of doing business with local companies:


Local businesses naturally help other similar businesses in the community, because they are interested in growth among fellow entrepreneurs and the community. Chain business ventures, on the contrary, are supplied from corporate sources with store managers who are uninterested or unable to purchase their supplies from local sources. Since local businesses are more invested in the surrounding area, they tend to keep their expenditures at a local level, thus helping to grow the local economy.


A great characteristic of a locally owned company is that it rarely moves elsewhere for a better return. This makes these local businesses more dependable in terms of wealth generation and job opportunities. Though millions of dollars are spent to draw in non-local businesses, these frequently end up as a loss. The reason for this is simple; non-local companies come, run their business for a bit, and then once their profits level off or decline, they leave for a new location. Personal connections, which are usually established with local businesses, ensure that you get the best deals along with reliability that they will stick around.


The random entry and exit of non-local business chains take its toll on the economic structure of a local community. It puts your entire schedule, plans and preferences in disarray. Local businesses are a shield against such possibilities, but they too depend on your continued support. Local business owners are usually those who dedicate their entire financial resources to their enterprise. This makes them extremely sensitive to the community they belong to, with an obvious interest in the general welfare of others. On the other hand, business chains rarely give back to the community and can’t come close to matching the foundational structure that local businesses form.


With stability, comes a more defined accountability. This means that local businesses, which are rooted to their communities, are more controlled by local rules and regulations. International businesses, on the other hand, do not fall in this category. They simply leave if they cannot come to an agreement with local governments. Local ventures don’t have the option of going elsewhere, so they follow local laws more closely to avoid being penalized or even shut down.


Local businesses have a big stake in the common welfare of the community, so they naturally become involved in many political campaigns. From silent funding to publicly vocal support, a local enterprise may use its power to communicate important issues to the legislators. Interestingly, it is the communities which have a varying economic diversity, that are generally more into local politics, as the support can come from more levels.


Anybody who has had to deal with national corporations, can attest to the fact that their customer service is usually terrible. For example, when you call them for help with an issue, your journey to the person who can help is usually through half a dozen transfers and long holds. Getting through to the ‘right’ person is an ordeal, as many representatives are not empowered to help you. Local companies are much more efficient in this regard, since owners and employees are directly connected and can work together directly to find you a solution. Your issues are always regarded more seriously by the executives, and the overall service may even be tailored to meet your needs in order to streamline the whole process.

In conclusion, big corporations bring a lot of so-called exposure and grand facilities to a community. At first glance, these may even seem to supersede independent local companies in terms of utility and value. But, when considering the above points, keep in mind that, although initially lucrative, business chains have more negatives than positives. Going local is always the better option!

At EcoTrack, we ensure real time tracking of your fleet and we do that reliably, professionally, and with personalized local service. We have local installers and will train you onsite as opposed to the national chain webinars. We are members of Local First Arizona, and as part of our community support efforts, EcoTrack has integrated a referral program that sends money to Casa de los Niños charity and is currently working on additional ways to give back through this wonderful organization that gives back so much to the at-risk children in the local area. Please don’t hesitate to get  in touch with us today at (520) 230-8093.

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