The Dangers of Allowing Your Vehicles to Go Home With Employees

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GPS Vehicle Tracking Instrumental in Assisting Police in High Speed Chase as City Mourns the loss of Bane, a highly trained K-9 Police Dog

A vehicle equipped with an EcoTrack Fleet Management GPS device was involved in a car theft in which the suspect highjacked three vehicles and led the Phoenix police on a high-speed chase for several hours.  It began on April 17, 2018, Care Trans a company that provides non-emergency medical transportation, received a call from one […]

BYOD or Vehicle-Installed ELDs? Making the Right Choice

The ELD mandate is due to go into effect on December 18, 2017. When the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) set the guidelines for technical specifications with regard to ELDs, it was clear that the change would affect a large number of vehicles. This comes with many positives: it reduces paperwork, improves safety and […]

15 Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking

A Global Positioning System or GPS refers to a navigation system based on the functionality of satellites. This system comprises of at least 24 satellites that rotate around the earth twice a day in a pre-defined orbit. These satellites are also responsible for transmitting signals that help the GPS to track their exact locations through […]

Fleet GPS Tracking Devices: Increasing Safety, Decreasing Liability

Many companies are highly dependent on transport or service vehicles. Fleets require both attention and a huge financial commitment towards the capital, fuel, and maintenance costs. Additionally, there are other costs that many organizations do not consider until after something bad happens, like an accident or theft. Inadequate safety measures not only damage the company […]

Real-Time Posted Speed Alerts

POSTED SPEED ALERTS Real-Time GPS Tracking Protects You and Your Drivers Do your drivers get tickets for speeding and you keep finding your insurance rates increasing?  With a posted speed alert you can get a text message or email notifying you that one of your drivers has exceeded the posted speed.  Real-time GPS tracking allows […]

Switching Telematics Providers for a Better Fleet Tracking Services

Today, the market is full of telematics providers offering to help with fleet management. These providers promise great functionality at a reasonable price but often fail to deliver on that promise in the long term. If you have chosen one such telematics provider, you may be feeling dissatisfied or even frustrated and are looking to […]