Fleet GPS Tracking Devices: Increasing Safety, Decreasing Liability


Many companies are highly dependent on transport or service vehicles. Fleets require both attention and a huge financial commitment towards the capital, fuel, and maintenance costs. Additionally, there are other costs that many organizations do not consider until after something bad happens, like an accident or theft. Inadequate safety measures not only damage the company financially but also put lives in danger.

Installing fleet management devices in your vehicles can significantly boost safety. Real-time GPS tracking of your fleets will assure that your business never loses out on these potential profit savings.

What is the ELD Mandate?

On December 10, 2015, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or FMCSA declared the ELD (Electronic Logging Device) Final Rule which made electronic logs mandatory. This rule sets out to improves road safety, while allowing drivers to keep total control over their Hours of Service (HOS). Paper logs are archaic, so the ELD rule mandates that by December 18, 2017, only ELDs will be in use. During the transitional phase, only Automatic Onboard Recording Devices or AOBRDs may be used. The state of the art GPS fleet management system utilized by EcoTrack is DOT compliant and provides these Electronic Driver Log tools.

Why Focus on Safety Standards?

Accidents and traffic violations create significant and avoidable vehicles costs. From lost revenue to lost time from rescheduling to poor public relations, accidents constitute a major drain on a company’s resources. Additionally, drivers injured at the scene may not be able to work. This would require job advertisements which, could be avoidable costs. Training, orientation, and a novice driver may also result in a loss of productivity for the company.

Injuries resulting in lawsuits can mean major financial settlements for a company. Additionally, attorney fees make matters worse. Naturally, a good safety set-up mitigates the risk of an accident. Insurance companies often reduce their rates when additional safety measures, like GPS tracking devices, are utilized. Furthermore, fleet management systems can improve the overall reputation of your company.

GPS Tracking and Safe Driving

As per the Large Truck Crash Causation Study by the U.S. government, 87.2% of all large truck crashes are caused by drivers. The anti-aggressive driving policies employed by many companies may help the situation to some extent, but does not solve the problem. Fleet management systems allow you to monitor every single vehicle and every action it takes.

When your employees follow traffic laws, the chances of accidents exponentially decrease, contributing to better workflow and revenue. Speed tracking alerts tell you when a driver is speeding, and other alerts can be configured to show erratic behavior such as excessive braking or accelerating and harsh cornering. Alerts can be delivered to you via text message, email, or other electronic means.

The notifications will allow you to take preemptive actions against aggressive driving. A database of offenses for drivers can also enable you to filter out drivers who regularly break traffic laws. With this detailed information, it’s obvious that fleet management software and devices can be invaluable to your business.

The Routes Provided by Fleet Management Systems

GPS tracking systems have the utility of concise mapping, providing accurate routes to the drivers. Real-time traffic updates also help drivers avoid road hazards and possible accidents. Unauthorized vehicle use is a widespread practice by employees. However, any disaster or accident involving your company vehicle makes you legally liable. Time of use and geofencing alerts will tell you if your vehicle is being used off hours or being taken outside of the area limits you’ve set. Since fleet management systems make you aware of unauthorized use, and advanced systems can store vehicle route history, you have a strong set of data to use when discussing any abnormal practices with your employees.

Protect Your Vehicles Against Theft

Company assets, like your fleet and the equipment it transports, are required for your business to run properly. Thus, their protection and security are imperative. Stolen cars, vans, and trucks cause monetary loss to the organization, and you are still liable for the vehicle after theft. Loss of a company automobile means you must replace expensive and sensitive equipment. Productivity also takes a hit in the absence of a vehicle because revenue is lost when you cannot serve at full capacity. After hours’ alerts can help notify you of a possible theft in progress, and you may even find stolen vehicles via the “route-replay” feature available in our system.

Vehicle Maintenance Reminders

High-tech GPS tracking devices automatically schedule vehicles for maintenance This feature mitigates the risk of breakdowns on the roads, which could result in accidents and missed appointments. Timely maintenance keeps your vehicles up and running, saves additional costs on repairs, and avoids loss of revenue. Timely alerts keep the little issues from getting out of hand and causing major damage.

Criteria for Choosing an Effective Fleet Management System

With so many fleet management systems to choose from, it is critical that you keep the following features in mind when deciding which one to invest in.

  • Alerts

Alerts are crucial and should have different delivery options like email or text messaging, along with internal reporting functions in the system. Alerts should tell you when the vehicle is started, stopped, or goes beyond a pre-decided route.

  • Maintenance Notifications

A fleet management solution that includes an efficient maintenance alert will prevent breakdowns on the road. Regular maintenance will reduce repair costs and prevent accidents

  • Fleet Reports

A well-detailed reporting system must be available, underlining any improper conduct of drivers, such as reckless driving. Reports provide a record of your vehicles’ history in case of a lawsuit.

  • Replay Routes

The route history of your fleet should be recorded so you can find stolen assets.

  • Real-time Vehicle Tracking

The best GPS systems need to refresh vehicle location every minute to ensure the most accurate tracking.

  • Speeding Alerts

Your fleet management system should update you when a driver exceeds the legal speed limit.

  • Ease of Access

A web-based software that can be accessed at any time from a web browser is convenient. Having a mobile app for your phone makes accessing fleet data from the road extra convenient.


It is quite evident from the above information that vehicle tracking is crucial to fleet managers. As you are heavily dependent on your company vehicles to run your business, your fleet needs to be continuously monitored. GPS tracking systems ensure that your vehicles are always monitored, reducing the chances of theft or unwarranted incidents.

Put your trust in the EcoTrack Fleet Management and we will work hard to get your fleet up to date with the latest in tracking technologies, train you on the tools, and help customize the alerts to suit your needs.

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