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Switching Telematics Providers for a Better Fleet Tracking Services


Today, the market is full of telematics providers offering to help with fleet management. These providers promise great functionality at a reasonable price but often fail to deliver on that promise in the long term. If you have chosen one such telematics provider, you may be feeling dissatisfied or even frustrated and are looking to switch providers.

Changing from one telematics provider to another may seem like an overwhelming prospect. However, sticking with your present telematics provider because you are anxious about switching is probably not the best business decision.  It is certainly not worth the mental and/or financial heartaches, and there are many other options for you to consider. Once you’ve made the liberating decision to change, it’s necessary to ask the right questions in order to find the proper fleet management support for your business.

List Your Reasons Behind the Switch

There can be many compelling reasons to consider switching from one telematics provider to another or there may just be one. These reasons could be the expensive hardware costs, high monthly fees, technology, security, reliability or customer service.  It is important to list out your reasons, so when you are interviewing your list of carriers, you can ask specific and relavant questions.

What to Look for When Evaluating Telematics Providers

Now that you have compiled your list outlining your company’s telematics needs and provider deal breakers, we have included some additional information to consider when evaluating your list of telematics providers.

  • Integration of ThirdParty Devices

You want to know if the new telematics provider has third-party integration or the ability to draw data from a third-party telematics device into the system. Third-party integration enables the telematics provider to collect the main data points from several hardware platforms. This allows customers to use their current telematic hardware when they move to a new software solution.

  • Tight Security

Security is an extremely important issue. You need to check how the security of the hardware is handled by the provider. The data saved at the server and the transmission process of data have to be safe and effective. It is a good idea to request the provider for a copy of the security documentation so that you are well-informed of the security operations before opting for that particular provider.

  • Easy Access to Data

A provider that gives you easy access to data is always desirable. In today’s world, many telematics providers charge end users considerably to access their data. This may be inconvenient for many. You may want to make sure that the future provider’s access to data is smooth and hassle-free. The API access to data and the restrictions involved need to be known thoroughly before you tie up with the new telematics provider. The Software Developer Kit (SDK) will show how to draw raw data from your telematics system so that it can be used in third-party systems. The more the expandability, the better it is, because it will give your business room to evolve and change.

  • Use of the Same Devices After the Switch

Many telematics providers and fleet management services claim to allow the user to resort to the existing devices. However, this is not always guaranteed. At the time of moving to a new provider, it is always better to substitute any existing hardware to ensure that you get the warranty on the devices. You want to plan on vehicle downtime to remove the old hardware and install the new devices.

  • Associated Costs

Is there a contract involved with the specific provider? How much the does the device cost? And if the end user wants to terminate early, what are the charges? These questions related to costs are important to know before you switch over to a new telematics provider because your budget does matter at the end of the day. After all, you want good-quality service but at a rate that is affordable. So, you need be aware of all the expenses involved with switching over to a new telematics provider.

Examining these crucial points before making your final decision to switch your telematics provider is important. Doing your background research prior to making the change optimizes operational performance and lowers the possible financial risks. Deploying telematics is immensely beneficial. However, there is no point in sticking to a telematics provider if its services are not satisfactory. So, do your homework!

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