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How Can I Keep My Fleet Out of the Mechanic’s Shop?


When your fleet vehicles break down and must be repaired, you incur extra costs and miss out on potential revenue. High vehicle maintenance labor costs and skilled labor shortages are also contributing to more serious fleet maintenance costs across the country.

The best way to keep your car out of the mechanic’s shop is to be proactive about vehicle maintenance. But doing so goes beyond bringing your vehicles you in for a regular tune-up. Here’s how you can use GPS vehicle tracking solutions to keep your fleet vehicles on the road.

Create a Service Schedule with GPS Vehicle Tracking

If you keep track of your vehicles’ service schedules manually, you have an opportunity to save time and avoid unnecessary risks with a vehicle tracking solution.

Use vehicle tracking software—like that provided by EcoTrack Fleet Management—to create service items based on anything you want to track. You can monitor oil changes, fuel filter changes, wiper blade changes, and even registration and insurance renewals. Then, use the software’s mapping platform to track when the next service is due based on the parameters you input.

For example, if you’d like to set up a reminder for your vehicle’s next oil change, you can create an item to alert you for your next oil change after your vehicle has traveled 5,000 miles.

The software will then send you an automated reminder of when that service is due. Send reports to managers, automotive departments, and anyone else in charge of vehicle maintenance.

This allows you to keep track of important maintenance issues effortlessly. You no longer need to check stickers or burden your drivers with telling you when maintenance is due. More importantly, you can be more proactive about maintenance and avoid more serious maintenance problems down the road.

Track Each Vehicle’s Service History

If you’re engaged in proactive maintenance for your fleet vehicles, you can give them a longer operating life. But you shouldn’t have to keep track of each vehicle’s service history using pen, paper, or a spreadsheet.

Fleet management software like that provided by EcoTrack Fleet Management keeps all your service information in one place. Enter service information into the system to keep track of when any repairs or services were performed, how much they cost, and how long they took to complete.

This allows you to look at a glance to see if and when a vehicle may need to be replaced. It also takes any guesswork out of your fleet audits and helps you plan your budget for when vehicles reach the end of their operational life.

Setup Alerts for Vehicle Diagnostic Issues

GPS fleet tracking doesn’t just tell you where your vehicles are. You can create real-time alerts for any diagnostic issues your drivers might encounter on the road.

For example, if one of your vehicles has a high coolant temperature, it should stop operating to avoid potential damage. With EcoTrack Fleet Management’s software, you can be alerted immediately if coolant temperatures are above acceptable levels.

But you can read much more than just temperatures. With the right solution, you can create alerts for any Diagnostic Trouble Code your vehicle’s OBD system generates.

If you operate heavy equipment, you can install GPS devices to track their movements and status as well. For example, a refrigerated truck that has a malfunctioning refrigeration unit could cost your business significantly in both lost product and repair costs if it is left unattended. Reduce the risk of that happening by introducing a GPS tracking device, so you be proactive about monitoring its status.

Reduce Risk During Regular Operation

In addition to vehicle mapping, your vehicle tracking device can alert you to high-risk and inefficient driving behaviors. Compile reports on these behaviors to identify areas of improvement among your drivers.

For example, if one of your drivers tends to idle their engine when they aren’t on the road, you can coach them to turn off the vehicle when it isn’t in use. This can help you save on fuel costs, reduce your carbon footprint, and reduce general wear and tear on the vehicle.

You can also use vehicle GPS, onboard cameras, and software to keep drivers and vehicles safe on the road. Quickly identify distracted driving and unsafe driving practices while your drivers are on the road. Work directly with your drivers to improve these habits, so they can avoid both minor and major accidents and reduce the risk of personal injury or high repair costs.

Identify more efficient routes and improve the lifespan of your vehicles by keeping your operation efficient. Combining GPS technology with smart cameras and fleet management software can even lower your insurance premiums, providing more cost savings.

Vehicle Tracking Solutions Improve Fleet Performance

Proper fleet maintenance is all about staying proactive, avoiding inefficiencies, and reducing risk. You don’t have to rely on spreadsheets or a filing cabinet to ensure your vehicles get the maintenance they need, right when they need it.

With GPS vehicle tracking, you can reduce fuel costs and get on-time diagnostics of every vehicle in your fleet. Automate your repair schedules to avoid regular maintenance, and keep your drivers safe through other onboard solutions like smart cameras and routing intelligence.

For more information about how vehicle GPS can help you save on maintenance costs, contact us at EcoTrack Fleet Management today.

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