Why Fleet Management is Critical for Service Businesses

As a service business, you understand the importance of providing top-notch service to your customers. However, in order to provide the best service, you need a well-managed fleet of vehicles that can get the job done quickly and efficiently. Here are just a few key benefits of fleet management: Improved efficiency: With GPS tracking, you’ll […]

The impact of fleet management on reputation: Your vehicles and customer service – EcoTrack

Fleet managers use fleet tracking and vehicle monitoring for several reasons. From driver safety to efficiency and reducing costs, GPS fleet tracking offers all kinds of advantages. But one that is often overlooked is reputation management. Your vehicles have your name on them, and often even your phone number, contact information, vehicle numbers, and license […]

The Risks of Using Consumer Cameras and Tracking for Fleet Management

If you’re thinking about installing dashcams as part of your fleet tracking strategy, you may be tempted by the low prices of consumer-grade technology. Buying consumer cameras could save you some money, but you get what you pay for. These types of cameras aren’t designed to be deployed as part of a commercial fleet. They […]

How to Rein in Commercial Fleet Insurance Costs

Every fleet manager is concerned with reducing costs related to their vehicles and drivers, and a surprisingly simple way to do that is through reducing commercial fleet insurance costs. There are several simple ways to do this, and all of them come with additional savings and benefits. So how do you rein in commercial fleet […]

EcoTrack and FieldPulse Joined Together to Put Your Fleet on the Map

EcoTrack Fleet Management has entered into a new agreement with FieldPulse, an all-in-one business management app for service professionals. This integration makes it possible to use FieldPulse as your complete solution to run your business more efficiently from anywhere with the combined benefits of FieldPulse and EcoTrack’s fleet management. It adds a new level to […]

How to Introduce In-Cab Cameras to Drivers

According to Transport Topics, “Onboard cameras have become much more common in trucks, almost an expectation.” If you’re considering installing a fleet dashcam for commercial vehicles, it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll introduce the technology to your drivers. If you install cameras without consulting with your drivers first, they may wonder: Are truck […]

The Driver Scorecard: What is it and how is it useful? – EcoTrack

  Despite being one of the greatest basketball players of our time, Shaquille O’Neal had a career free throw percentage of just 57.2%. Michael Jordon shot 83.5% from the free-throw line throughout his career. What does that have to do with driver scorecards? Because just like the scorecards for Michael and Shaq, driver scorecards provide […]

Dashcams, Driver Safety, and Video Metrics

One of the number one concerns of every fleet manager is vehicle and driver safety. Nothing drives costs up faster than the consequences of unsafe driving, from costly accidents that could potentially result in lawsuits to increasing insurance costs. All of those factors are in addition to the human costs of unsafe driving, and the […]

Developing a rewards program for your drivers

Fleet managers have a challenge when it comes to fleet tracking and telematics. Drivers often feel as if they are being watched, and that the system is designed simply to coach or correct them when they do something wrong. This can cause them to feel like part of a “problem” rather than a positive solution. […]

Fleet Monitoring and Preventing Side Jobs

  Side jobs can be problematic for fleet managers for several reasons. First, you have a huge investment in your equipment and vehicles, so they need to be used only for jobs that earn money for you and your employees. However, on top of that, your company could be held liable for anything that happens […]