EcoTrack and FieldPulse Joined Together to Put Your Fleet on the Map



EcoTrack Fleet Management has entered into a new agreement with FieldPulse, an all-in-one business management app for service professionals. This integration makes it possible to use FieldPulse as your complete solution to run your business more efficiently from anywhere with the combined benefits of FieldPulse and EcoTrack’s fleet management.

It adds a new level to your GPS tracking with real-time mapping locations and more features contractors and service technicians use every single day.

Scheduling, Estimating, and Invoicing

Scheduling jobs is easy with FieldPulse.  Companies and Dispatchers can create jobs for employees and schedule all of the service technicians in one place.  Techs can use the app to know their jobs for the day and get step-by-step directions to each jobsite.  Also, estimates and invoices can all be done in the field.

Other features include:

  • Customer Communications
  • Route Planning
  • Time tracking
  • Payments

GPS Tracking and Maps

The GPS tracking offered by FieldPulse goes beyond the tracking provided by EcoTrack. Not only will you have all the advantages of saving money with fleet tracking, but you will be able to see pin drops of where your vehicles are within FieldPulse. Using this you can:

  • See if all vehicles have reached a job site on time
  • See status changes of the job
  • Determine the accuracy of the job record

Time Tracking and Scheduling

How long does the job actually take? If there is another job in the area, who is best suited to respond to it? As important as fleet tracking is to efficient routing, you can also reduce drive time and make your team more efficient. This enables you to alter your schedule so you can complete more work in the same amount of time.

FieldPulse can do more than that by also serving as your time clock system as well. Managers can view jobs, timecards, and determine if the employee was actually at the job site location when they clocked in, and that they clocked out when they left the job site. This is all done through saved geotags.

FieldPulse allows employees to view schedules from the app, click on the job, and check off the status. It integrates with QuickBooks as well to manage customers, jobs, and invoices. The data is synced so changes in one platform are automatically changed in the other.

Estimates, Invoices, and Payments

Vehicle mapping and tracking are one thing, but the ability to give a customer an estimate on-site, keep prices handy, create an invoice, and accept payments are other features important to contractors. The fact that GPS is integrated with FieldPulse is a huge plus.

In the same way that EcoTrack makes fleet tracking simple and helps you save time and money, FieldPulse adds additional capabilities to help you manage your business. No matter the size of your contracting business or whether you have a small fleet or a large one, this partnership offers benefits for you.

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