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GPS Tracking Equipment: What You Need to Know


There are a lot of reasons to get GPS tracking equipment. GPS trackers can help you keep your assets secure and compliant. Combined with routing and dispatching software, your GPS systems can help optimize routes and increase efficiency. But, more importantly, GPS tracking equipment can improve your fleet operations to save you both money and valuable time.

If you’re starting to investigate vehicle tracking and GPS solutions, you may be wondering what types of hardware are available and how you can use them to improve productivity. You may also be curious about how you’re going to pay for your GPS tracking equipment.

Here, we’ll explore your options for both GPS hardware and financing.

What Types of GPS Tracking Equipment Do You Offer?

At EcoTrack Fleet Management, some of the most popular types of tracking hardware are real-time GPS tracking solutions for your fleet vehicles, equipment trackers, and trailer trackers. We also offer temperature monitors, ELDs, dash cameras, and more.

Real-Time GPS Tracking for Fleet VehiclesDriver Behavior

EcoTrack’s vehicle-installed GPS tracking devices are commercial-grade car trackers installed in your vehicles. This keeps them secure and ensures you have access to all the great features that come with the devices and their accompanying software.

Once installed, you’ll receive constant pingbacks at 1–2-minute intervals and accurate location data through a state-of-the-art mapping platform. You can even measure improper driving behaviors, replay route history, view traffic and weather conditions, and much more.

Most fleet managers prefer to have their GPS tracking devices hardwired into the ignition, but you can also choose a plug and play GPS option as well. These devices plug directly into an OBD II port, so they read the information directly from the vehicle’s computer.

Heavy Equipment and Trailer Tracking

Heavy equipment tracking devices rely on a multi-faceted software platform to help you keep track of your mobile equipment. They let you track the exact location of your equipment on the jobsite, set up GeoFences and schedules to track unauthorized movement and track engine hours remotely to improve performance. You can track assets like shipping containers, pallets, machinery, trailers, backhoes, watercraft, and more.

Container and trailer tracking systems have a battery life of 5+ years, but they can also be hardwired if the asset has an ignition, such as with a backhoe. The GPS receiver, battery, and antenna all come in a single rugged enclosure for protection and security.

Temperature Trackers, ELDs, and Dash Cameras

Depending on the needs of our business, EcoTrack can provide other hardware to give you visibility into your operations and keep your assets secure.

For example, if you have refrigerated trucks, our remote temperature monitoring devices can provide accurate and consistent temperature readings that are viewable on a GPS mapping platform. You can even set alerts for when temperature thresholds have been breached. That way, you can respond immediately, potentially saving thousands of dollars in spoiled product.

Our Electronic Drive Log system allows long haul truckers, bus operators, and other drivers to complete their Hours of Service logs electronically. You can place our Mobile Data Terminal right in the cab, eliminating paperwork and making compliance both easier and less expensive.

To keep your vehicles secure, you can install dash cameras that track driving activity and provide automated alerts. You’ll also gain real-time footage of driver activity and your assets on the road. This footage can be used to enforce driving policies, but also to defend your drivers when they’ve been accused of a driving error.

Can You Get GPS Tracking Hardware for Free?

You can sometimes get the EcoTrack GPS models detailed above for free or at reduced pricing as part of a longer agreement. Speak to an EcoTrack representative about possible deals and discounts.

You can also finance them. This allows you to pay for them over time and pay nothing upfront. Keep in mind that you may need to pay for your GPS devices to be installed in your vehicles so they are secure. You may also be able to roll the installation costs into the contract to pay over time.

A lot of companies prefer to finance their equipment because they can include their monthly payments as part of their regular business expenses. It prevents them from running into cost barriers.  Just because they don’t want to pay a lump sum at the start, that doesn’t mean they can’t start tracking their fleet vehicles and equipment right away.

If you don’t want to finance your equipment, you can pay for it upfront. For example, if you only need to track a few pieces of equipment, you could get some equipment GPS trackers with no monthly fee by paying for the equipment in advance. Just keep in mind that you’d also need software to gather data from those trackers. That requires a contract and monthly payments.

How Does Financing Equipment Work?

If you choose to finance your equipment, the equipment payments will be rolled into your regular monthly costs. These costs include your payments for the use of the associated software. The software is what allows you to map your assets, get a detailed view of your fleet’s operation, track containers and trailers, run reports, set alerts, and dispatch drivers more efficiently.

Financing your GPS trackers works just like other types of financing, such as when you buy a car or a computer. The best way to think about it is like a cell phone plan. If you don’t want to pay for your phone upfront, you can sign a leasing agreement to pay for the monthly cost instead, and you’ll pay these costs alongside your monthly cellular bill.

In this case, you’re paying for the equipment in monthly installments over a specified time. Once you’ve paid off the equipment, you’ll have covered the purchasing cost and will no longer need to pay for it.

Financing is affordable for most businesses—even small businesses that only have a handful of fleet vehicles. At EcoTrack, we typically finance over a 2–3-year period with the corresponding equipment.

Can Fleet Tracking Equipment Save You Money?

Although they require an investment, fleet tracking equipment can lead to substantial savings in the long run.

By operating your fleet more efficiently, you’ll save money on fuel, labor, and repair costs. You’ll even lower your carbon footprint and decrease your liability with fewer accidents and tickets. You may be able to get a break on your insurance premiums in some cases, as GPS technology makes your fleet vehicles more secure.

GPS technology also increases routing efficiency, customer satisfaction, and driver and vehicle safety. You can reduce your overtime costs by routing drivers more effectively. You’ll even extend the overall lifespan of your vehicles, so you’ll get a better return on your fleet investments.

Check out our financial calculator, our latest article about the 10 ways to save money with GPS tracking, or fill out the Demo Request form below to find out if GPS tracking equipment is right for your fleet!

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