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Creating Competition Among Drivers

  Driver safety is of paramount importance to fleet managers. But often, traditional tactics for informing and

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Driver Safety Increases Profitability
Using Fleet Management for Reputation Management: Your Vehicles and Customer Service

Using Fleet Management for Reputation Management One key activity that can be challenging but is often neglected

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fleet manager installing a dash cam
7 Ways Dash Cams Improve Fleet Safety

Dash cams are becoming more popular for fleet managers all over. They offer an enhancement to simple

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Fleet manager reviewing video
Employer GPS Fleet Monitoring: What’s Legal?

If you want to spark controversy with pretty much any commercial driver, you can simply mention two

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Driver in a fleet vehicle
Developing a Safety Program for Your Fleet

The challenge of developing a safety program for your fleet has been eased in some ways by

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fleet manager reviewing equipment on a tablet
GPS Tracking for Construction Assets and Equipment

Many fleet managers have discovered the advantages of GPS vehicle tracking for a variety of reasons. From

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Fleet vehicle in a mechanic shop
How Can I Keep My Fleet Out of the Mechanic’s Shop?

When your fleet vehicles break down and must be repaired, you incur extra costs and miss out

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Idling car
Idle Trucks: Reducing or Avoiding Idle Time

Idle time is not only costly but inefficient and hard on the environment. Financial losses and environmental

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Trucks at a Small Business
Why Fleet Tracking Makes Sense for Small Businesses

When we think of fleet tracking, we often think about large businesses and enterprise-level companies with hundreds

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Characters showing the cost of GPS
The Real Cost of Vehicle Tracking for Fleets

If your company operates a fleet of vehicles, you need every resource available to save on fuel

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