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Importance of Monitoring Employee Driving Behavior


A great way of publicizing your company is having your name on company vehicles. This makes your vehicles like moving billboards. However, if there is a driver in the seat with poor driving behavior, such as speeding, hard braking and rough driving, it can convey a poor image of the company. People will then tend to associate your company name with the reckless driving of your employees, losing valuable trust in the brand. If you have employees who are putting your company name in jeopardy, using a fleet tracking device to monitor their driving behavior can effectively save you money and your company’s reputation.

Ways in Which Company Vehicle Accidents Can Weigh on Expenses

  1. Repair of Broken Items

When your driver is behind the steering wheel, he/she has the responsibility for both the vehicle and the cargo. If there are accidents, it requires repairing the damage. This may involve the replacement of lost goods and vehicle damage.

  1. Covering the Costs for Death or Injuries

Rough driving has the possibility to claim lives. It is not only the driver, but also other people (such as client passengers, pedestrians and drivers of other vehicles) who are at risk. If there is any loss of lives or injury, it is your company that must cover the costs.

  1. Restoration of Image

During an accident, depending on who is at fault, it could severely harm the company’s reputation. This would then make it necessary to employ public relations and image management personnel to restore the reputation. It could take a long time for a clients’ confidence to come back.

How a Fleet Tracking System Can Help!

  1. Monitors Compliance with Various Parameters

Our GPS tracking services in Tucson can enable you to monitor the driving behavior of your employees.  For example, you could learn about how long it takes for your employee to complete a dispatch or delivery job, know the stipulated arrival times of clients, verify the hours worked, learn about misuse and trips other than those related to work as well as have proof of arrival times. All of these come of use in disputes regarding the fulfillment of delivery deadlines and billing. It also leads to safer drivers for your organization.

  1. Enables the Automation of Timesheets

Our tracking solutions can provide your company with the ability to keep an automated record of when your employees start work, take breaks and are done with their work at the end of the day. It helps in effective employee monitoring. Since this omits manual work, it makes your task as a fleet manager a lot easier. The timesheet is also more accurate. It allows you to determine whether or not drivers are keeping appointments with customers on time, which can affect your company’s reputation.

  1. Enhances Customer Service

The fleet tracking system not only stops bad driving behavior, but also helps provide better customer service. If a customer claims to have not received an item delivery or missed an appointment due to delay from your end when that is not the case, you can prove exactly where your driver went and at what time. Similarly, if a driver gets caught in traffic or accidentally goes in the wrong direction, the tracker can help in directing him/her to the fastest and most efficient route so that customers can be reached faster.

  1. Rules Out Chances of Dangerous Driving

With the tracking system supervising aggressive driving and offering lots of safety event alerts in real time, the possibilities of rude and dangerous driving are ruled out. If your driver overtakes another vehicle, makes a risky move, or is discourteous to other road users or pedestrians, you will get notifications, which will serve as warning signs. These help in preventing dangerous driving.

Each time your vehicles leave the company premises, they carry the image of your brand to the outside world. With EcoTrack Fleet Management’s software in place, you can feel secure that your fleet is performing desirably, and your customers are satisfied. It will help your business lower accident rates, keep up safe driving behavior, and ensure healthy relationships with customers. In the long run, this saves your company money.

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