Innovative Truck Driver Electronic Log Law Tracker

truck driver electronic log law


Our truck driver electronic log law trackers are guaranteed to reduce DOT fines for large fleets. EcoTrack ensures quality equipment for every company with a large fleet to handle. Our job is to make your management easier and smoother for bulk deliveries. 

At the same time, our equipment will make sure your drivers do not break the law or commit compliance acts of violence while on the road. Having such a piece of equipment installed in your company vehicles can let you track the driver wherever they go with the vehicle. 

On top of that, it can prevent the workers from slacking off in your presence. This will increase productivity while simultaneously reducing accidents and law-breaking. 

Why Our Truck Driver Electronic Log Law Trackers Are The Best 

You can get any electronic driver log from anywhere, however, not many will give you updates and data analysis in real-time. But, lucky for you, we bring exactly that for customers! Our equipment is made from top-of-the-line Irish materials, therefore ensuring quality and exceptional performance in one package. 

We take immense pride in being able to help fleet companies cut down on DOT fines and traffic law crimes. Our electronic driver logs are fast, convenient, and easy to understand. You can install them in any vehicle, and expect it to report back to you with real-time results. 

At the same time, our trackers work around the clock, so you can have a clear idea about which fleet driver is going where with company property. Alongside that, our trackers provide simple yet effective data that can show you who is slacking off, and who is working properly. 

Not only will this help large companies fish out incompetent workers, but it will simultaneously increase productivity and efficiency in your workplace. Other fleet drivers will also be aware of being under constant surveillance, therefore pushing them to work better and harder. 

Electronic Driver Logs Reduce DOT Fines

Did you know that the most common act of violence on the road is breaking traffic laws? Speeding tickets can reach sky-high costs if your fleet drivers are not staying within the set limit. So, how can you ensure they abide by the traffic laws, while also delivering cargo on time? 

The answer to that is simple. Get your vehicles installed with our electronic driver logs to track how your drivers are operating in the vehicle. Also, you can discover a lot about shortcut routes through our real-time data analysis, therefore cutting delivery time by numbers! Not convinced yet? Request a free demo to get a clear idea of what we do, and how we guarantee a reduction of DOT fines! 

We Are Always Available For You!

If you want a truck driver electronic log for law regulations on the road, then give us a call and we will have our team install the best equipment in your vehicle! Our equipment will give you accurate data readings and analysis on the spot, so you can expect a rise in productivity and efficiency in the fleet!