State-Of-The-Art Tracking Devices From EcoTrack 

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Do you need quality tracking devices for your fleet teams? Don’t worry, as your search for the best one is over! EcoTrack brings you a range of exceptional services catering to small and big businesses. Our solutions are for every organization dealing with miscommunication and mismanagement for their fleets. 

However, our services are not limited to tracking devices only, as we also provide solutions for a variety of other issues too. For example, we have smart cameras, remote temperature technologies, and even electronic driver logs, just to name a few. Businesses dealing with cargo and consumer products can use our services for their fleet management. 

Real-time Tracking Devices 

All our tracking devices work in real-time around the clock, with the help of top-of-the-line systems, such as google maps. We integrate our devices with such technologies so that you can track your fleet from any part of the world. 

Other than being able to view them from your iPad, you can also sync the same image across different gadgets, such as your smartphone, laptop, PC, etc. As a result, you can track your team at all times. 

Why Your Company Needs Trackers

Road accidents are one of the most common incidents for large vehicles. We usually assume it is the smaller cars that fall victim to such scenarios, but larger freight trucks and lorries can equally be damaged. 

On top of that, companies must know which route their fleet is taking for deliveries. You should always want your team to take the shortcut, therefore reaching customers faster, and also cutting down on excess fuel costs. 

At the same time, a tracker is vital to make sure your workers are not using professional vehicles for personal or selfish purposes. 

There have been countless stories of drug abuse in fleet vehicles, which led to legal issues for the company as a whole. Keep your workers and your company safe from such accusations by regularly tracking who goes where, and does what in company vehicles. 

We Are Budget-Friendly and Fast

Although providing high-quality services and solutions to organizations big and small, we are still very affordable. Our job is to make sure your fleet runs smoothly, without showing any kind of discrepancy without the system. 

You can enjoy all our services regarding fleeting management at a low and budget-friendly price. If you want, simply request a demo instead, so that we can get discussing what your organization or company needs as solutions. 

Or, you can consider calling us directly as well, as there is always a live agent waiting to respond to all your queries in real-time! 

Our Trackers Are Highly Efficient 

If you want quality tracking devices for a budget-friendly price, then give EcoTrack a call today! We will make sure your organization faces no problem in the logistics sector. Our trackers will ensure your fleet delivers your cargo to the right address, all while taking the best route that is cost-effective and faster in the long run.