Trust EcoTrack For Premium Heavy Vehicle Tracking Devices

heavy vehicle tracking

It is crucial to install a heavy vehicle tracking device for all cargo shipments. Just as you, customer satisfaction is also our priority. With that in mind, EcoTrack decided to introduce its unique line of tracking devices that companies can have installed in their fleet. 

Our team does all the hard work for you, from installing the products to even providing maintenance checks. We make sure to keep the trackers running smoothly, therefore providing customers with safety for drivers and vehicles. If you want to learn more about our services, don’t hesitate to give the office a call! 

State-Of-The-Art Heavy Vehicle Tracking Devices 

Back here at EcoTrack, we consider customer satisfaction as the number one motivation when it comes to running a business. As a result, our motto is to make sure all our trackers provide the same values to our clients and their customers as well. 

To ensure that happens, we manufactured the trackers with premium materials only. Doing so allows the products to last for years on end. On top of that, the trackers are also very convenient and can be installed on any vehicle. 

This is coupled with the super easy and user-friendly interface of the software. Fleet managers can gain access to the dashboard of the tracker from any device they are using. This means you can have it installed on your computer, laptop, smartphone, or even tablet! 

Real-Time Data Analysis

The worst thing that can happen while managing a large fleet is information being lost in the sauce. When having to manage more than 10 people, or even more, at the same time, every second is valuable. 

To make sure your important directions and messages are not lost in the chain of commands, we have equipped our trackers with a real-time data analysis feature. As a result, all managers will have direct contact with team members at all times. On top of that, you can even rate how drivers are working, which can later be shown on a scoreboard. 

This, in turn, will encourage and motivate other workers to perform better, as they will be aware of being monitored at all times. 

Save time and money which could have been lost with phone call bills with our unique and innovative heavy vehicle tracking devices. 

Providing Services All Over The Country

EcoTrack is proud to state that it offers its many services, including heavy vehicle tracking devices, to customers all over the country. We are an independent reseller of the best gadgets and gears when it comes to ensuring vehicle and fleet security. 

Our job has earned us the recognition of many affiliations, hence becoming partners afterwards. You can learn more about us by giving us a call or requesting a demo free of cost. Our team is always ready to assist you with your queries. 

The trackers that we provide will ensure safety for your drivers and company vehicles as well. Discover the best route and shortcut to your customers’ location with our trackers today!