State-Of-The-Art Heavy Equipment Tracking Software

heavy equipment tracking software

Having heavy equipment tracking software can make your fleet management much easier to deal with. Instead of calling and texting your workers a thousand times, the data and map will let you see who is where. 

Our equipment is the best you can find in the entire country. Other than tracking down heavy equipment, you can also identify maintenance requirements for all vehicles. That way, your team can get repairs before things get too late. 

EcoTrack provides free demo’s that customers can opt for their fleets. A team will be dispatched to your location for a thorough inspection. This helps us devise a suitable plan for your needs as well. 

Why You Need Heavy Equipment Tracking Software

In our opinion, every large company with a moderate-sized fleet should opt for tracking software. Other than allowing you to see where your equipment goes, and when; heavy equipment trackers can also cut down on other costs. What are they, you ask? 

With our trackers, you do not have to waste time and money over countless individual calls and texts to your team. Instead, the software is integrated with the latest mapping system. As a result, you can see where all your teams are at once. 

Heavy equipment trackers let you gain deep insight into your large vehicles and equipment, including backhoes and tractors. With our software, you do not have to waste hours calling each team manager for information regarding the cargo. 

Stay Up-To-Date With Maintenance Costs

The speciality of our tracking software is not limited to mapping systems only. Our equipment is also able to update you with necessary maintenance requirements for the fleet vehicles. 

Our software does this by tracking down engine hours and total run time. As a result, you can stay alerted regarding all asset repairs and maintenance. This way, you can opt for servicing on your assets way ahead of their time of depreciation. Not only will our software let you track your heavy equipment precisely, but it will also save you time and extra costs in the long run. 

Immediate Alerts 

What set’s our heavy equipment trackers apart from the rest is their swiftness in alerting users. Our product will let you know whenever an asset has been moved – purposefully, or without your permission. 

This is more than just an alert system. Take it as an entire protection unit for your heavy equipment. The alerts will keep you notified whenever anyone is trying to do shady business with company property. 

Another way our software can help you out is by providing accurate data. This data can assist you when making quotes and bids for potential clients. With precise details, know that chances of bagging new contracts are increased by numbers!

Save Money With Our Trackers 

We think it is crucial to invest in heavy equipment tracking software for your fleet. If all the details above have not convinced you yet of our potential, feel free to give us a call or request a free demo instead!