Effective GPS Tracking Device From EcoTrack

GPS tracking device


Need a hand catching careless drivers red-handed for your business fleet management? Why not consider getting our GPS tracking device installed in your vehicles? EcoTrack brings you real-time solutions for faster decision-making and increased productivity en-route.  

Our fleet tracking software is the best you can find, considering it is affordable but provides quality management. Although being a small business ourselves, we love helping both large and small communities cut down on labour costs, carbon footprint, and insurance payments with our services!

We only have three goals to implement when working with our customers – Reduce the harmful effects of careless fleet management, increase productivity and efficiency of the workers and business itself, and prevent accidents on the road. 

Complete Surveillance Around The Clock With GPS Tracking Device

Do we have to state the importance of a GPS tracking device when it comes to managing large numbers of fleets in an organization? It is crucial to know where your team is, and what they are doing at all times, if you want to save up on miscellaneous costs while increasing productivity. 

So, how do you do that? Well, you don’t, but EcoTrack does instead!

Our trackers are synced with google maps for the most efficient tracking in real-time. We use top-of-the-line mapping systems to funnel out drivers in the vastness of the roads. With the former map, you get a clear satellite and hybrid view of your fleet. 

On the other hand, our trackers a step ahead of the rest found in the marker, because they come with alert systems as well. As a result, you will be notified according to the setup you implement. That way, you can always keep track of servicing and other maintenance your fleet might require. 

The best thing about our trackers is that you can be connected to the equipment from any device, or all at once! Connect the device to your smartphone, laptop, and even PC if you want to keep an eye on everyone at all times. 

Why You Should Get A Tracker Installed

Highways are dangerous enough as they are, but pairing that up with inventory worth thousands of cash can result in unparalleled damage for any organization. Your drivers and the vehicles are what keep you running (other than your customers, of course), so their safety should be high on top of your priority list as well. 

Getting a tracker installed can not only help you fish out a bad and careless driver from a good one, but it can also show you short-cut routes that you might not have even noticed before. Our GPS devices come with alert systems as well, so that is pretty much a cherry on top for busy fleet managers. 

Request A Free Demo Anytime!

Don’t hesitate to request a free demo from us, or simply call us directly if you wish to know more about our GPS tracking devices. We urge you to get ours installed, as it will let keep an eye on all your fleets at once and also alert you about incoming servicing and maintenance for the vehicle itself.