EcoTrack Is A Step Ahead of The Other Fleet Management Companies 

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Fleet Management is not easy. It is often quite expensive and incredibly hard to manage. You may have that idea if you’ve worked with other fleet management companies.

Here at EcoTrack, things work a little differently. We strive to make the fleet management process simple and less stressful. So sit back and relax because we’ve got you covered.

You might be wondering; what makes our company so unique and effective? Why should you trust us?

Our Brilliant Software Puts Other Fleet Management Companies To Shame

Since most of your fleet management will be done on the computer and wireless, good software is a necessity.  Luckily for you, EcoTrack’s fleet management software is nothing short of a technological marvel. It allows both real-time tracking and real-time decision-making.

Firstly, it makes sure your services are as cost-effective as possible. It keeps a track of your fuel costs, labor costs, and overtime hours. You can even keep a record of insurance payments and maintenance costs with our software. 

Secondly, we are obsessed with efficiency and our software shows that. It is constantly hunting down the best routes with our advanced GPS technology so you get to your customers fast. 

Furthermore, it will notify you about the lifespan of your vehicles. This ensures that your vehicles don’t break down mid-delivery.  We all know how frustrating that can be.

Lastly, we make sure your security is never under threat. We keep a close eye on driver and vehicle safety. Along with that, our cameras make sure there’s no funny business going. 

Unauthorized vehicle use and vehicle and asset theft will be reported straight to you through our sophisticated software. Additionally, you’ll also be able to monitor any accidents or reckless behaviour and take measures against them.

So to recap; with our software, you’ll be able to reduce costs, increase efficiency and prevent any sort of damage. That’s a good formula for a happy customer, wouldn’t you agree?

But is good software really all that makes us stand out from the rest? 

Extensive Learning Center

Here’s something that other fleet management companies definitely don’t have; a great guide to keep you up to date. 

We believe that although you don’t need a degree in business management to be a run a successful company, good business knowledge is always a big plus. The same is true for fleet management.

That is why we publish articles to help further your understanding of fleet management. For example, you can find an article on creating healthy competition among your driver or how you can use fleet management for your reputation.

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

We put you first. Our services make sure you get the most out of our advanced technology. That’s why so many of our clients have been using our services for years.

EcoSense Sustainable Landscapes, Automation Specialists,  and Ambiance Pool Service are some of our happy customers. 

So, now we hope you know why we aren’t one of your average-joe fleet management companies. Still not convinced? Request a demo and we will prove to you that when it comes to fleet management, you can’t do better than EcoTrack.