Improving and Maintaining Fleet Compliance

fleet compliance

To ensure proper fleet compliance, fleet maintenance software should be used to guide tricky procedures. And what can be a better company than EcoTrack to do that for you? With our GPS Tracking and e-driver logs, you can make fleet c compliance a lot simpler.

Monitoring fleet compliance helps your company avoid fines while also keeping its vehicles safe at all times. We have demos for you to try out too!

Essential Aspects of Fleet Compliance

Here we have mentioned some of the points that you need to keep a tab on to manage fleet compliance effectively.

Fleet Maintenance

Companies must demonstrate that they have procedures to ensure a safe working environment and the equipment and resources necessary for employees to keep appropriate standards are available.

A “duty of care” is a legal requirement that mandates you to follow a reasonable degree of care when undertaking any actions that could damage others.

One necessity is to have exact Fleet Maintenance protocols, regular vehicle inspections, and the ability to precisely record them.

Testing Vehicles

Vehicle testing is a precautionary road safety technique that ensures cars undergo a basic safety inspection at regular periods.

Drivers Behavior

Your drivers are crucial to the safety of your fleet. Having processes to facilitate safe driving and monitor cars is an excellent approach to keep them safe and profitable.

Maintaining driver safety standards lets your drivers prevent fines and fatalities, ensuring fleet compliance. Using centralized software to monitor your fleet delivers insight into driver behavior and property health, allowing you to maintain fleet compliance.

Log Driving Hours

Every year, exhausted drivers cause thousands of accidents. Drivers are obliged to take a minimum rest length and thus are kept on a 21- to a 24-hour timetable to preserve a healthy sleep/wake cycle.

How EcoTrack Helps with Fleet Compliance?

It’s relatively simple to follow the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) regulations with fleet compliance technologies.

With EcoTrack, software and hardware solutions can automatically update a driver’s duty hours, driving kilometers, fuel sites, and driver-vehicle internal audits. 

This advancement in trucking and carrier technology allows drivers to concentrate on the proper handling of their vehicles. They can satisfy the requirements of their customers rather than worrying about logbooks and reports.

Every data is regularly transmitted back to the fleet manager, who analyzes, combines, and evaluates it to make appropriate decisions for the fleet and the clients it provides.

Manage Your Fleet Compliance

Compliance is not always a complicated procedure, but it does require a thorough approach to be completed appropriately. Challenges will always exist in fleet management, and they must be overcome!

Do contact us if you ever need to manage fleet compliance while minimizing documentation and administration. We’ll demonstrate to you how to do it quickly.

Automobile diagnostics, traffic issues, driver time on the road, and emergency care warnings are all available at any time.

When one of your vehicles crashes, it is a reflection of your company. You want to make sure that your drivers are safe and that the community around you is as well.

So, without any delay, get your EcoTrack Services today!