Accurate Electronic Driver Logs


electronic driver logs


Are you having trouble finding effective electronic driver logs for your fleet? Don’t worry any longer. EcoTrack is here to end all your struggles with fleet management! We specialize in installing state-of-the-art equipment in vehicles. Our products ensure driver and cargo safety. Your customers will also be happy with the swift and safe delivery of their orders!

Our products provide tracking in real-time, so managers can follow their drivers and the cargo at all times. On top of that, the trackers provide clear data, thus reducing technical issues and confusion among fleet managers. If you are still having doubts, just consider giving us a call for a free demo. 

Why You Need Electronic Driver Logs 

Every company should opt for a safe fleet management system for deliveries. Our job is to ensure the safety of the vehicle and driver using electronic logs. This kind of equipment lets the authority figure have constant surveillance of the driver on the road. 

As a result, just simply knowing they are being watched at all times will prompt the driver to be more responsible on the road. However, in case they still do slack off from time to time, you can rely on the equipment to act as evidence. 

Other than that, you can also check where the driver committed compliance acts of violence, such as speeding through a red light, and so on. It will help you lay off irresponsible workers, and also act as a warning to other members of the team. 

State-Of-The-Art Equipment 

We ensure state-of-the-art quality in all of our electronic driver logs. You get real-time data on the spot, so keeping track is very easy and efficient. Having a convenient electronic driver log installed in your vehicle can also reduce DOT fines by numbers. This is because the driver will be less likely to break the law, fully knowing he/she is being watched. 

On top of that, electronic driver logs can also reduce communication time. How so? Well, drivers can report back to managers in real-time, so there is no gap in between. Other than increasing productivity, this also decreases errors in fleet management. 

No Separate Website Required 

The best part about our electronic driver logs is that you do not need to have another website to access the device. You can even log into your available devices and access the data right from the get-go. Easy, no-hassle, and no complications! That is what we bring to our customers. 

Having Electronic Driver Logs Can Reduce DOT Fines 

Not only can electronic driver logs reduce DOT fines, but they can also keep drivers aware of being watched throughout the journey. This will prevent them from slacking off while on the road, and while delivering the products to customers. 

You can also keep track of who takes your company vehicle where and for what reasons. Fleet managers can easily fish out deceptive workers from good ones with our state-of-the-art equipment! If you need them installed in your vehicles today, just give us a call or request a free demo.