Customizable Electronic Driver Log Books For Fleets 

electronic driver log books


Our electronic driver log books are what you need to keep track of minor and major offences done by your fleet workers. We provide one-stop solutions to large and small organizations working to get deliveries out the door. 

We provide the best electronic driver logbooks to companies wanting to track down what their workers are doing with company property and vehicles. The best thing is that our logbooks are also customizable, so you can set different alert systems for a range of issues. 

Why You Need Electronic Driver Log Books Installed 

There is no doubt that countless street laws and regulations are being broken every day by fleet teams. So, if you do not want your company to get stained by the same accusation as well, then consider investing in our electronic driver logbooks. 

Our equipment is the best for keeping track of all traffic regulations being broken or abided by, as well as other issues, such as careless driving, over-speeding, etc. The system helps management stay notified about violations and other compliance issues. 

At the same time, our equipment also cuts down error time, therefore increasing productivity for the company as well. 

On top of that, this system helps the driver himself keep track of other sectors in his professional life. Such as break-time, off-time, and even sleep-time. As a result, his lifestyle will not hinder his driving on the road, as the worker will be aware of being constantly tracked down. 

Managers can also keep a record of the logbook through their portal. Other than that, they can also edit and tweak the settings of the electronic logbook as they wish.

As you can see, our system is completely customizable, so you can set it up according to your company requirements. The best part is that managers will not even have to enter the portal through a separate website for this job! 

Real-Time Driver Logbook Tracking 

Our system will keep track of the vehicle the entire time it is operating. As a result, managers can view what the driver is exactly viewing as well in real-time. This allows companies to avoid confusion and problematic scenarios on the spot. 

On top of that, it also helps to protect companies from DOT fines and compliance violations. By having a first-person view of the vehicle, you can easily instruct the in-bound driver to work according to your instructions. The fleet member will also be less willing to make mistakes in the first place, or even break rules, as they will be aware of authorities constantly keeping track! 

Electronic Driver Log Books Reduce DOT Fines!

Having electronic driver log books installed in your fleet vehicles is a must for all organizations. This system is what will help you keep track of which worker breaks what law, and therefore keep them working in order as well! The workers will know you are observing them too, so they will be less willing to act on compliance violations in the first place!