High-Quality Driver Dispatch Software

driver dispatch

We here at EcoTrack know just how awful it can be to manage a large fleet. Driver dispatching seems to be the hardest job for a fleet manager. But worry not, for we bring you software that can cut down costs and time-waste by numbers! 

Our work has gained us support from many well-known clients, such as Cartridge World, Contact One, Western Exterminator Co., All Terrain Landscape Creations, etc. This would not have been possible if our driver dispatch system was not absolutely mind-blowing! 

Whether you are a small business or one with a fleet large enough to run through the country, know that EcoTrack is here to cut down costs and double the productivity for you! 

Fast And Efficient Driver Dispatch System 

Our driver dispatch system is unique because of how fast and efficient it is. With the product, you can expect real-time information relay from one party to the other. Managers will also get complete visibility of all their trucks and large vehicles. You can easily track where the team is going, when, and through which route. 

Our driver dispatch system is incorporated with innovative and convenient mapping systems, such as Google Maps, Satellite views, as well as Hybrid views of the streets. This way, you can discover new routes drivers can take while delivering products to customers. 

Connect To Any Device 

With the driver dispatch trackers that EcoTrack provides, companies can connect the software to any smartphone or Garmin device they might have. You can also view the data from your laptop, tablet, or computer. 

Managers can also pre-choose specific routes and stopovers that they want their drivers to go through. Deciding which route to travel on beforehand will save you a lot of time, and also increase productivity by numbers! 

Increase Productivity By Approximately 20%!

Did you know that our products can help increase productivity in your fleet company by at least 20%? This is because of how the drivers will be more aware of being monitored at all times. On top of that, managers can also find out the best route to take, therefore dispatching drivers efficiently and effectively every time. 

Other than cutting down on time waste, your company can also save thousands of money by installing our dispatch software. The product will let you plan effectively, therefore even allowing drivers to reach customers way before the ETA. At the same time, customer satisfaction will also increase, as they will be much happier with such incredible service!

You can also schedule maintenance checks and services for the vehicles in use. As a result, managers can always rest assured of sending out a fleet that is in perfect shape for deliveries. 

Dispatch Effectively With EcoTrack

EcoTrack knows how crucial fleet management can be for large companies. Our driver dispatch software will cut down on time waste and extra costs while increasing productivity. On top of that, the real-time data received will help you find new and better routes to target locations.