Optimum Delivery Fleet Tracking System 

delivery fleet tracking

At EcoTrack, we prioritize optimum delivery fleet tracking over everything else. Our job is to make sure your team is taking the best route for all cargo delivery. On top of that, we want to ensure the safety of the driver, and the vehicle as well. 

EcoTrack has the best GPS tracking devices in the entire country. Our customers speak for us, and none have been disappointed with the products we deliver so far. Having our GPS device installed in your company vehicles will allow you to fish out the best shortcuts for work. It can also reduce DOT fines by numbers!

How Our Delivery Fleet Tracking System Prevents DOT Fines

Having a premium GPS device installed in a vehicle does more than just help you track where the driver and the car are going. It also lets you fish out many shortcuts and easy routes to the customers’ location. As a result, your team will be able to take the most cost-efficient path to their respective destinations. 

On top of that, having a GPS tracker installed in the car will also allow your team members to stay more alert while driving. In turn, your drivers will be less likely to commit offences such as speeding or crossing red lights. DOT fines will also be reduced by large numbers. 

There have also been many cases where drivers have misused company vehicles for personal reasons. This can be very risky for the company itself, as many vehicles as such have turned up on the news for drug abuse. If you do not want a similar situation happening with you as well, it is time you get your assets covered and protected with fleet tracking devices.

Why Our Tracking Devices Are The Best 

EcoTrack means serious business when we mention our tracking devices. Each piece of equipment is made from premium materials, therefore lasting for ages. On top of that, we ensure ease of usage and user-friendliness for all our products. This is done by manufacturing the products to be smooth on all kinds of devices. 

As a result, you can have the software installed on your smartphone, laptop, or even tablet for easy access. Managers do not need to additionally log into any website to access the mapping system. 

Speaking of which, our mapping system for the tracking gears is also unique and up-to-date. We integrate all of our trackers with Google Maps, satellite views, as well as hybrid street views. Doing this allows the user to be able to have a complete and clear idea of the routes to take from three different perspectives! 

We Are Only A Call Away 

Our team is always ready to install delivery fleet tracking systems for your company. The gadgets we offer are of top-notch quality and will ensure the safety of the driver and vehicle. Call us anytime you want us to drop by for installation, or request a free demo to learn more about the services we offer.