Accurate Commercial Driver Electronic Logs 

commercial driver electronic logs


Our highly effective commercial driver electronic logs are the best for fleet management. You can install them in your company vehicles, therefore allowing managers to track workers en-route deliveries. 

Not only does prevent the drivers from lazing around, but it also helps you be on track with which route the drivers are taking for the cargo delivery. You can then easily report back to the worker in real-time and direct them into taking the shortcut. 

As a result, you save up on time, and also increase productivity at once! Having an electronic log for drivers is essential for companies with large fleets, so don’t waste time in getting ours installed!

Why You Should Get Our Commercial Driver Electronic Logs Installed 

Unlike other logs sold by competitor companies, our electronic equipment does not lag! If anything, our electronic driver logs are super fast and efficient, so you can get real-time data analysis. 

On top of that, having such a piece of equipment installed in your vehicle can only bring good news to your company. Other than being able to track the worker wherever they go with company properties, you can also find out more about shortcuts. 

At the same time, having an electronic driver log will keep you updated on traffic laws, and if your drivers are breaking such laws as well. For example, know that our commercial driver electronic logs are bound to reduce DOT fines by multitudes!

You Get Data Reports In Real-time

The best part about such a piece of equipment is that there is no waste of time between information relays. As a result, drivers can report to authority while on the go, and vice versa. You can also send out vital information regarding the route or cargo in the back to your worker. 

On top of that, fleet managers can track if red lights have been sped by while on the road, thus notifying the driver at the same time. Not only will this save you the trouble of having to pay back hefty fines, but it will also alert the worker. 

As a result, the same driver will be less likely to make the same time mistake in the future. Other workers can also take that as an example or warning, and be more responsible and aware while on the road. 

Managers Have Complete Access To Logs 

What sets apart our electronic logs from other brand ones is that managers have complete authority and access to everything. This means fleet managers can easily log into the driver logs whenever required, make adjustments, or even just create alerts. 

On The Spot Information Relays 

Our commercial driver electronic logs are exceptionally convenient for information relays in real-time. Cut down on valuable time waste by directing your fleet workers while they are on the go. 

At the same time, track your drivers wherever they go with company vehicles, thus preventing accidents, abuse of property, and other compliance acts of violence. Request a free demo if you are excited about using our equipment!