The Best Real Time GPS Tracker 

best real time GPS tracker


EcoTrack brings you the best real time GPS tracker for large fleet management. Our mapping platform is integrated with accurate location analysis with the help of Google maps, satellite views, and hybrid street views. 

As a result, authorities can have a constant and clear view of where their mobile workforce is at all times. Authentic satellite viewing can also help you map out the best route for deliveries, therefore allowing your workforce to arrive earlier. 

Not only will this create customer satisfaction, but it can also increase productivity for your company. Our trackers will help you fish out the best route for your fleet!

The Best Real Time GPS Tracker For Large Companies 

If you are having to rely on calling your drivers every time they get dispatched, consider doing your company a favor by opting for our trackers instead. 

You can expect our real time GPS tracker to work effectively for all kinds of fleet management. Our products are integrated with Google Maps and satellite views as well, thus allowing managers to discover shortcuts and the quickest method of delivery. 

At the same time, you can keep your mobile workforce updated on the go at all times, therefore reducing information mismanagement. 

Another great thing about our trackers is that they can alert you whenever your vehicle requires a fix or maintenance check. This will allow you to keep your company property up to date. The auto-reminders will let you know whenever your vehicle requires a run to the nearest garage for some tweaks and adjustments! 

Real-Time GPS Location Tracker Reduces DOT Fines 

There are already enough costs with fleet management. So, you do not need hefty DOT fines piling up on the wagon as well. To make sure that does not take place either, check out our real time GPS location trackers. 

Our equipment can help you keep track of your drivers, and the vehicles as well. As a result, you can always find out who is speeding on which lane, and how the issue can be fixed. 

We made sure to include scorecards in the trackers too, so fleet managers can use them to rate the driving. By doing this, drivers will be more aware of being tracked down, so they will naturally try to be more responsible on the road. 

This in turn will also encourage other workers of the fleet to be more aware on the road, thus reducing accidents, DOT fines, while increasing productivity and efficiency! 

Contact EcoTrack For The Best Location Trackers!

We undoubtedly have the best real time GPS trackers, given that the product is affordable, but of quality. Give us a call or request a free demo if you want one of our best trackers installed in your mobile fleet as well. 

You will easily be able to notice the increase in productivity and decrease in DOT fines once you get the equipment installed! After all, we do not help companies save $11k annually on fleet management for no reason!