The Dangers of Allowing Your Vehicles to Go Home With Employees

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Importance of Monitoring Employee Driving Behavior

A great way of publicizing your company is having your name on company vehicles. This makes your vehicles like moving billboards. However, if there is a driver in the seat with poor driving behavior, such as speeding, hard braking and rough driving, it can convey a poor image of the company. People will then tend […]

Fleet Management System Prevents Distracted Driving and Keeps Drivers Safe

What is Distracted Driving? Distracted driving is essentially any activity that diverts attention from driving.  It may include eating and drinking, being busy with your phone (texting or talking), talking to the passengers in your vehicle, or fiddling with the navigation system or stereo. Basically, anything that diverts your attention from driving in a safe […]

15 Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking

A Global Positioning System or GPS refers to a navigation system based on the functionality of satellites. This system comprises of at least 24 satellites that rotate around the earth twice a day in a pre-defined orbit. These satellites are also responsible for transmitting signals that help the GPS to track their exact locations through […]

Cell Phone GPS Versus Vehicle-Installed GPS Tracking

If your business is related to the transportation industry and you deal with vehicle fleet management, then you have surely realized the importance of tracking your vehicles and your drivers. Most fleet managers believe vehicle-installed and cell phone GPS tracking systems are the same thing, and therefore tend to assume that cell phone GPS tracking […]

Fleet GPS Tracking Devices: Increasing Safety, Decreasing Liability

Many companies are highly dependent on transport or service vehicles. Fleets require both attention and a huge financial commitment towards the capital, fuel, and maintenance costs. Additionally, there are other costs that many organizations do not consider until after something bad happens, like an accident or theft. Inadequate safety measures not only damage the company […]

4 Ways GPS Tracking Can Reduce Costs

Whether you have one car or a fleet of cars, GPS tracking is an integral part of managing your vehicles and the staff that drives them. For a fleet manager or even a growing entrepreneur knowledge is power and knowing where your vehicles are at all times is essential.  GPS tracking is so much more […]