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Success Stories

Employee Accused of Stealing UPS Package Worth $800

We had a new client call this week telling us they were thrilled that they added the GPS tracking systems when they did! They are a plumbing business and recently started their own company. The client was already familiar with EcoTrack and GPS tracking, as I was the GPS carrier of seven years for the company he worked at prior to starting his own business. They got a call from […]

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Stolen Vehicle Recovery & Other Unexpected Benefits

EcoTrack received a call one morning from one of our plumbing clients, Silverado Rooter and Plumbing, explaining that one of their vehicles had been stolen during the night. They asked us to tell them where it was currently located. We logged on to the tracking map and could see exactly where their truck was parked in the driveway of a home! The tracking map showed law enforcement exactly where the […]

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Monitoring Employees Saves Reputation & Money

A pest control company now uses the GPS daily to track and  monitor their staff daily. They pay their technicians by the job, not by the hour, which usually prevents employees from spending excess time on-site or on other non-work related tasks. However, they had recently hired a new employee and were getting complaints from their customers that he was not showing up. After several of these calls, they brought the […]

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Valuable Alerts Report on Erratic Driving Behavior

We had been in conversation with a local pest control company for over a year about adding GPS to their small fleet, however they felt because they only had a couple of trucks that they didn’t need it. Although we informed the owners about the benefits of the platform in lowering costs in fuel, overtime and helping to provide better customer service, regardless of the size of their fleet, they […]

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GPS Tracking Systems Do Not Lie!

A business owner called us about the accuracy of the GPS tracking system we had installed his delivery vans… He explained he had run a report and found a driver that was using his vehicle at 1am, which was not authorized. We explained that the GPS is accurate and did a thorough review of the routes and addresses taken for that driver on the days in question. The reporting showed […]

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