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How EcoTrack Helps Freight Companies

Freight Companies

Tracking of Trailers, refrigerated units, containers and pallets across the country all on one simple to use platform allows you to keep a real pulse on your vehicles and assets globally. Achieve total asset visibility, improved security, lower operating and capital expenses, and enhanced customer service.  To drive efficiency in operations, or to respond quickly to problematic situations, you must have the ability to know where assets are at any given time. Integrating ELECTRONIC DRIVER LOGS and GPS tracking all on one easy to use cloud platform saves money and time.

Operational Efficiency

Electronic Driver Logs (ELD’s) will be a federal mandate for all commercial truck and bus drivers by the end of 2017. With EcoTrack Fleet Management’s mobile data terminal located inside the truck, drivers will be able to log on and off duty, keep track of sleeper berth time and driving time. This information can be seen in real time, reduces the time drivers spend filling out the logs and sending them in to be processed. There is a sharp reduction in man hours spent processing, archiving and retrieving saved log data. Stay in compliance and reduce unnecessary DOT fines.

Theft Control

Theft of commercial vehicles and their contents accounted for an average loss of $154,000 in the second quarter of 2016 with theft of the entire load being the most common. Reduce the risk of theft of the vehicle and contents by keeping a pulse on the fleet during driving and parking times. Tracking devices can be placed on trailers, containers, pallets or individual pieces of valuable equipment, deterring theft and vastly increasing the possibility of recovery. The ability to work with the authorities in recovering stolen items located via GPS makes recovery simple and cost effective.