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How EcoTrack Helps Construction Companies

Construction Companies

Finishing the job on time and within budget requires that you maintain control of your assets and consumables at each job site. However, accomplishing this task efficiently may be a challenge if you do not have the right equipment to get the job done. EcoTrack Fleet Management provides you with a cost effective solution to not only manage your vehicles and assets in real time, but also to make sure that they do not leave the predetermined geographic location of your job site without proper authorization.

Operational Efficiency

You may find yourself calling several drivers to find out their location, in order to reassign them to different tasks. This may be time consuming, frustrating and many times ineffective. Do you have assets that have been left at a job site for several weeks but you are not sure which job site? Asset tracking allows you to know where each and every one of your backhoes, tractors, gravel trucks or trailers or other equipment is at tall times. You can improve your operational efficiency, and reduce labor costs by keeping eyes on constant contact with your fleet, through our easy to use cloud based platform.

Theft Control

Leaving assets such as tractors and backhoes at a job site for extended periods puts you at risk for theft. Our customized platform allows you to track all of your expensive heavy equipment, trailers, vehicles, generators and more. Movement alerts set on a schedule allows you to know when equipment has been moved during unauthorized times and to react immediately to locate it in the event of a theft. Take the worry away about the cost and hassle of replacement and always know where each piece of equipment is located.